The following are some of the Endorsements and Testimonials about Craig Chandler. More will be added as they come in:

"As the founding Chairman of the United Conservative Party I can tell you first hand that Craig gets things done. He is exactly what Calgary and Ward 12 need".
ED Amar Founcing Chairman of the United Conservative Party

"I know what you are thinking. Craig and I have been longtime frenemies. But if we are losing Jeromy Farkas on council, we need someone who will call out bullshit. Chandler has his critics (a lot of them) but this may be the right time and place for him to win.
Danielle Smith - Former MLA and Leader of the Wildrose Party and former QR77 Host

"I have known Craig Chandler for many years and he is a good friend. Craig is a sincere person with a great work ethic. He has done so much to cater for the interests and needs of his community and business clients. It would be my pleasure to continue to work with Craig in his Capacity as a City Counsellor. Craig is the right choice for Ward 12."
Kaycee Madu - Former Minister of Municipal Affairs and current Alberta Minister of Justice

"Having worked directly with Craig Chandler when he was my Western Chair during the Conservative Leadership race, I know that his business and political experience is exactly what Calgary needs. He will make a great Councillor for Ward 12."
Dr. Leslyn Lewis - Conservative Member of Parliament for Haldimand Norfolk

"Craig Chandler has been a tireless advocate for business and taxpayers in Calgary. Craig's experience will be a tremendous asset to City Council."

Jasraj Singh Hallan - Conservative Member of Parliament for Calgary Forest Lawn

"I have worked with Craig for over 20 years and he has done so much for Calgary. It is because of Craig that business ended up getting relief via the www.GetBackToWork.ca project. Craig also fed over 200 families in Calgary with his grocery program during the first lock down during the Covid pandemic. He is a proven community leader and would bring a business perspective to City Council."
Sid Helishauer - President, Progressive Group for Independent Business (PGIB)

"We need some serious change at City Hall. I've often felt that businesspeople are well suited for public office as they understand how to effectively run an organization. Craig's experience will be a catalyst for the change Calgary needs."
Jonathan Denis, Q.C., Partner & CFO, Guardian Law Group LLP (former MLA and Minister of Justice, Attorney General, and Solicitor General

"I Look forward to the positive changes that you can make in our city"
W. Brett Wilson

"I have found Craig Chandler to be a sincere and kind person that is accepting of all people. As a member of the LGBTQ community I find Craig accepting of all people regardless of their race, language, culture, gender, religion or sexual orientation. Craig has my vote because he is focusing on what my family wants and needs and that is jobs and lower taxes"
Nadine Piscopo - Copperfield Resident

"Craig Chandler is the only candidate in Ward 12 that mase a difference for small business during the pandemic. It was his efforts that garnered needed relief from the provincial government. Craig has proven he can get results".
David Aftergood - President, Peigan Area Business Association

"Craig Chandler is someone who works well with others, despite the falsehoods being spread in this campaign. As a woman and a Muslim Craig has been very supportive. Craig is the reason I am running in Ward 1 for city council. Craig recruited me to seek office and has been supportive every step of the way."
Gaz Qamar - Owner Royal Day Care Centres & Ward 1 City Council Candidate

The following are what was said about Craig Chandler's leadership as the Executive Director of the Progressive Group for Independent Business (PGIB)

"What I like most about the PGIB is that they don't just fight for big businesses, they also represent the little guys."
Councillor Peter Demong, Ward 14

"If you want cocktails join the group downtown. If you want something done, join the PGIB."
Stephen Harper (Former Prime Minister of Canada)

"The PGIB has good core issues,including a Municipal Taxpayers Protection Act to prevent taxes without a referendum... term limits for Mayor and Alderman, a program for divesture of non-core functions and accountability with the adoption of recorded debates and Council votes."
Danielle Smith (Former & Founding Leader of the Wildrose Party)

"The Progressive Group for Independent Business effectively supports the businesses they serve."
Ralph Klein (Former Premier of Alberta)

" PGIB offers real, unique solutions that will work. From a Municipal Taxpayer Protection Act to open accountable government PGIB has the answer."
Randy Thorsteinson (Former Social Credit Party Leader)

"I encourage you to join the PGIB if you have not already and demand a restructuring of the public sector to both cut costs and improve services. It is time to go forward with a common-sense plan to unleash the power of the marketplace."
Mike Harris (Former Premier of Ontario)

" ...the Calgary-based Progressive Group for Independent Business, a group known as the brains behind Ontario Premier Mike Harris's Common-Sense Revolution"
The Globe & Mail