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I am hoping to become the next City Councillor in our area. This community has been good to me and my family. I have been a resident of Ward 12 since 1995. In that time I have employed people in our area and had the privilege to watch my children grow up in the best ward in the city. I currently reside in Mckenzie Towne in the Village of Prestwick.

As many of you are already aware our current City Councillor, Shane Keating is not seeking re-election.

I have been interacting with constituents for months now and because of that I have had the opportunity to speak with thousands of you. Your message is clear! Calgarians are tired of this tax & spend council, and it is time to send someone to city hall with real experience; someone who has spent his life signing the front of cheques.

I have heard your concerns and your stories have encouraged me in my submission of my papers with Elections Calgary. I am proud to announce I am officially registered as a candidate for Ward 12. The election is on October 18th 2021. As I have said to many of you at the doors and on the phones, I am not seeking office because I need a job, in fact I will need to put at least one of my companies in trust and I will be taking a pay cut should I win.

I also believe in term limits and I will only be serving two terms if you hire me as your Councillor. I believe one of the biggest problems, no matter where you sit on the political spectrum, is Career Politicians. Complacency is human nature, and I believe that after twenty, or even ten years, people forget why they got into politics in the first place.

I am the only candidate with the business, political and life experience to effectively be your representative at City Hall. Not only have I run over 101 campaigns at all levels of government, I am the only candidate that has actually worked at City Hall. After successfully running Councillor Peter Demong’s campaign in 2010. I was part of Demong’s transitional staff, serving as his Community Assistant. During this time at City Hall I learned, in detail, how inefficient City Hall is. I found where the red tape needs to be cut, and what is expected of a City Councillor. Because of my experience I am ready to serve you on day one.

Fundamentally, the City of Calgary is a Corporation and so it is important to have people that have Corporate governance experience in elected positions. With my varied business background I have the needed experience to be your representative.

Post COVID, all levels of government will need to tighten their belts financially and we will need experienced people to guide us through. We shouldn't mortgage our children’s future by doubling down on reckless unsustainable spending. We need realistic solutions, because at the end of the day, budgets do not balance themselves.

In this situation, you are the employer and I am applying for this job. So consider this a resume of sorts. I believe you need to know my qualifications to make an informed decision. My team and I will continue in meeting as many of you as possible before October 18th

My team and I have dropped my resume at every door in Ward 12. I was the first candidate to do so. Pre COVID, I erected survey signs throughout Ward 12 to hear your top concerns. Additionally, I have talked with several thousand people in our area on the phone and at the doors. We are just getting started. Between now and October, I will be working every day to earn your support and my team and I will have also dropped this very Campaign Update to every door in the Ward.

I am seeking office because our community has been good to my family, and I want our children to grow up with the same opportunities this city has has given me. Now is the time to turn the page and elect someone who will fight for every resident of Ward 12 and respect every dollar.

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See you at the doors.

Craig B. Chandler
Craig Chandler - Ward 12 City Council Candidate